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Anti-Aging Silicone Treatment Mask Protocol

Collagen building and skin brightening


Collagen building and skin brightening is easily achieved with this treatment protocol. The silicone mask forces toxins in the dermis to rise to the epidermis in the form of perspiration. As the toxins burn off, the remaining water grabs the skincare nutrients and drives them into the dermal layer, creating super hydration to all layers of the skin, treating where damage begins – and where new collagen production begins. Microdermabrasion as an optional step is recommended for increased results.

Rx: Treatment for Aging Skin, All Fitzpatrick Levels

How To Use: After application of topicals, place the silicone treatment mask on client’s face and mold the silicone over entire face. Cover the silicone treatment mask with a damp hot towel, making sure that client is able to breathe comfortably. Leave silicone treatment mask on for 7-10 minutes. Gently remove remaining product and set the mask aside for cleaning.

Wash and disinfect, Reusable up to 50 treatments.

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Anti-Aging Silicone Treatment Mask Protocol


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