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ageless booster bundle!

Preserve your clients’ youthful appearance with dmSkincare™ ageless c b d bundle!

Bundle includes:

ageless serum™:  featureing c b d  and hemp oil to combat the signs of aging and dry skin. Hyaluronic acid and red seaweed work to gently plump parched complexions, resulting in a smooth, radiant texture. 60mL

ageless lotion™:  Reduce the appearance of premature aging. This light antioxidant facial moisturizer features the soothing properties of c b d and hemp oil to help preserve a youthful appearance. Its weightless finish makes it a perfect choice for all skin types, especially dry. 120mL

ageless oil™: A silky, calming and youth-preserving face oil featuring three firming and nourishing powerhouses: c b d, Polyplant oily seaweed, and Volufiline™. The firming and soothing from Polyplant Oily Seaweed and Volufiline™ (dubbed natural botox without the needle by many) all contribute to the facial oil game changer that restores the skin’s balance, texture, and overall glow. 60mL


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