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hydrating age defense bundle

Get your clients red-carpet, party, and photo-ready for the holidays with this hydrating and age defense bundle.

Bundle includes:

high potenC serum: The essential elements of every skincare program are to support and replace necessary constituents of collagen, elastin and provide vascular protection.

High potenC serum™ supports each essential element improving skin tone and appearance, leaving skin illuminated. This botanical powerhouse formula features sodium ascorbyl phosphate, a significantly more stable form of vitamin C, in a polyphenol blend of apple stem cell extract, resveratrol (red wine extract) and grape seed extract. These ingredients work synergistically to slow the aging process by making skin more flexible with fewer visible lines and nourished capillaries. 120m:

derma renewal gel: Increase hydration, and promote cell renewal with the time-tested homeopathic ingredients of arnica, calendula, aloe vera gel, and honey to renew the skin following cosmetic skin treatments, skin irritations and minor sunburns.

Ideal for daily use for those with cystic acne, rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions. This lightweight gel increases nourishes your skin by replacing lost moisture while the hydration level and promotes healthy cellular renewal with soothing botanical extracts. 480mL

collagen renewal C'reme: Vitamin C, Edelweiss and Sachi Inchi are blended in this silky, highly effective moisturizer with skin renewal and protective properties.

This product is essential in a vitamin C regimen to aid in collagen formation and redness reduction while maintaining a healthy, vibrant glow. 120mL


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