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Moisturizer Must-Haves

Grab this bundle of moisturizer must-haves to get your clients' skin photo-ready shape for the holidays.  Bundle includes:

GLY10™ exfoliating lotionClinical strength exfoliator that penetrates deeply to stimulate collagen production and brighten dull skin. 120mL

C-difference lotion: Daily moisturizer with vitamin C, for damaged vessel relief and anti-aging. Treatment for rosacea. Endothelyol®, a new and revolutionary ingredient that controls all of the major skin inflammation factors – addressing both current and future vascular eruptions to reduce visible redness and signs of rosacea.120mL

ageless lotion™:  Reduce the appearance of premature aging. This light antioxidant facial moisturizer features the soothing properties of c b d and hemp oil to help preserve a youthful appearance. Its weightless finish makes it a perfect choice for all skin types, especially dry. 120mL


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