DermaMed Solutions is proud to support the education of Aestheticians with the Aesthetic Education Award!

Let us help you achieve your dreams by contributing up to $1,000 to an accredited aesthetic program for your educational expenses.

One award will be given once a year worth $500, with a bonus of an additional $500 if you attend one of our Aesthetic Partner SchoolsDeadline to apply is July 31st.

At DermaMed Solutions, we believe the condition of your skin is a reflection of your overall well-being. Achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin requires a whole-istic approach that incorporates mechanical and topical treatments, but also considers nutrition, mindset and other lifestyle factors as a key component to the program. This is all brought to fruition through the guidance and support of a well-trained skin care professional who helps clients uncover their best skin. We are looking to help fund education for students with a philosophy similar to ours. 

The DermaMed Solutions Aesthetic Education Award is presented to the chosen applicant interested in attending, or already enrolled at an accredited aesthetic program, who expresses their passion for the skin care industry and shares the core values of DermaMed Solutions.


Please tell us how you share our philosophy by attaching a 1-2 page typed essay or 3-5 minute video explaining your desire to become an Aesthetician.

  • The Mission Statement of DermaMed Solutions is “to uncover the brilliance that comes from comfort in your own skin”. Tell us how you plan to help your clients be their most brilliant selves and what you think we mean by this statement.
  • At DermaMed Solutions we believe that the key to achieving brilliant, healthy skin is through a “whole-istic” approach – one which incorporates topical and mechanical treatments along with nutrition and wellness. Share with us why you feel this is a good approach. 
  • Relationships and connection with your clients will be as important to your success as your technical skill. Tell us how you connect with people and build the relationships that will keep your clients loyal.
  • Have you been inspired or motivated by a very special Aesthetician? Tell us about that person and how they helped you choose your path to this career.

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Eligibility, Terms and Conditions of the DermaMed Solutions Aesthetics Education Award 


Please fill out the application form and attach your essay or video for a chance to win the DermaMed Solutions Aesthetic Education Award! If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us at 610-358-4447 to speak to our Education Coordinator.