Step 1: THE PEAR 3D

The ultimate cutting edge device that will allow you to create a customized treatment plan for your clients + track their progress along the way. The PEAR 3D provides true photo analysis for planning and evaluating facial rejuvenation treatments + skin care regimens.The PEAR3D

Using the best of photography + skin analysis, The PEAR 3D outperforms competitors like the Visia Complexion Analysis tool.

Taking multiple images of the face (and  layers of the skin), The PEAR 3D captures nearly microscopic detail revealing damage that could never be seen with the naked human eye. Uncover UV radiation damage, wrinkles growing in the subcutaneous layers of the skin, clogged pores + more. The PEAR 3D shows the pores of the face in three-dimensional detail.

When a customer sees evidence of their facial skin condition, they will be more likely to purchase your products or services to begin to heal and cure their damaged skin.

Step 2: dmGlow

After analyzing your client's skin with The PEAR 3D, you can create a customized skincare regime to help improve their skin. 

Our second & third steps of our process include the dmGlow combined with dmSkincare to give your clients skin a fresh, radiant glow! dmGlow is a breakthrough facial treatment that encompasses three benefits essential elements for a fresh radiant glow. Facial cup lymphatic massage, dual exfoliation and botanical skin.

Step 3: dmSkincare

dmGlow essential elements

Facial Cup Lymphatic Massage

Therapeutic massage treatment that increases lymphatic flow to detoxifyIncreases blood circulation ~ Helps relieve muscle & fascia tension ~ Reduces puffiness & softens fine lines and wrinkles ~ Increases product absorption ~ Promotes cell repair

dmGlow Essentials

Chemical Exfoliation with mandelic combo peel 30%

Beneficial for everyone especially acneic, pigmented and aging skin ~ Dissolves keratin protein to break apart the bonds between skin cells and exfoliate ~ Encourages new cell formation ~ Great choice for all Fitzpatrick skin types

dmGlow Essentials

HeadingMechanical Exfoliation with MegaPeel

Physically removes dead skin cells ~ Promotes new cell formation ~ Vacuum massage stimulates circulation & collagen production ~ Provides a safe and even exfoliation for all skin types

dmGlow Essentials

Clean & clinical skincare

Effective active ingredients provides nutrients to nourish skin ~ Free of harmful ingredients ~ Helps to reduce inflammation ~ Personalized skincare regimens available with our condition specific products