the gold standard in aesthetic + medical microdermabrasion equipment

Big Benefits to Your CLIENTS + YOUR Bottom Line

Crystal Microdermabrasion

Give your clients clear and radiant skin by removing dead skin cells, promoting new cell + collagen growth,  and providing a safe and even exfoliation for all skin types

Lymphatic Boost

A vacuum suction hand-piece increases lymphatic flow to detoxify, increase blood circulation, help relieve muscle + fascia tension, and reduce puffiness + fine lines

 Only True Microdermabrasion Technique
Recognized by the FDA

Fine stainless steel, electroplated wands that deliver a jet of fine mineral crystals creating gentle skin exfoliation

Completely Customizable

Independently control the crystal flow + vacuum pressure for  treatment customization. Choose from 15+ protocols because one-size-does-not-fit-all for skincare protocols

HEPA Filter Cartridge

A HEPA filter cartridge keeps bio-contaminated waste safely contained, easily disposed of + prevents clogging (a missed revenue opportunity while fixing it)

MegaPeel EX Design

Sleek, portable and lightweight, ergonomically designed hand-piece to diminish hand fatigue