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Flawless Feet Protocol

Flawless Feet Protocol

An indulgent treatment that reaches the nooks & crannies and effectively removes the build-up skin you accumulate on the feet, especially the heels. Your foot-care moisturizers will penetrate easily, revealing softer, smoother sandal-ready feet! This treatment is a great alternative for those who are medically restricted from visiting a nail salon.

Includes professional sizes of:

botana cream cleanser
Salicylic Acid 30%
retinyl enzyme treatment
hydra repair mask
soothe & restore OR calm & balance oil
hydrate & renew body lotion
daily eclipse SPF 30


Rx: Refines Texture, Nourishing & Hydrating, Suitable for All Skin Types

How To Use: 

For more detailed directions click below.

Flawless Feet Treatment


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