hydrating skin care kit

The ultimate moisturizing quench for dry skin! Hydrates, heals, and rejuvenates.

This skin care kit contains:

(1) C-difference™ vitamin C lotion (30 ml)

(1) green tea vita-E moisturizer™ (30 ml)

(1) argan boost serum™ (18 ml)


Hydration is essential for a youthful glow. This routine is designed for normal to dry skin as well as sensitive or mature skin needing added moisture. Enhanced with natural botanical and organic ingredients, the products help to mimic the skin’s natural lipids so that moisture stays intact. Additional anti-aging compounds contribute to ultra-moisturizing and firming so this regimen ensures skin stays hydrated with a healthy appearance.

How To Use: In the morning, cleanse the face (recommended gentle cleansing bar or botana-gel cleanser™). Allow skin to remain slightly damp, then apply a pea-size amount of argan boost serum™, smoothing over face and neck. The serum may be applied to eye area, keeping away from lash line. Follow with C-difference™ – vitamin C lotion and sunscreen (recommended daily eclipse® SPF 30 mineral sunscreen). At night, cleanse the face and apply a pea-size amount of argan boost serum™ on damp skin. Follow with green tea vita-E moisturizer™. For an extra hydrating treatment, cover face with warm, damp wash cloth after applying argan boost serum™, then apply green tea vita-E moisturizer™


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