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radiance renewal protocol

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Look as radiant as you feel! Reduction in estrogen results in changes in the skin. The Radiance Renewal Facial addresses these changes with powerhouse ingredients that improve cell function, hydrate, plump, and revitalize depleted skin. This also is the perfect boosting treatment for skin affected by chronic stress, illness or hospitalization.

1.Cleanse with botana cream cleanser

2.(Optional) MegaPeel Microdermabrasion OR Cleanse with botana scrub

3. Apply mandelic combo peel 30% with gauze pad avoiding the eye area. Leave on 5 minutes.

4. Apply treatment neutralizer with a saturated 4x4 to stop action of the acid and rinse to remove.

5. Apply thin layer retinyl enzyme treatment with fan brush or hands. Leave on 5-7 minutes. Rinse to remove completely.

6. While retinyl enzyme treatment is on the skin massage shoulders, arms and decollete with hydrate & renew crepe body lotion.

7. Apply d20 solution as a mist or create compress and leave on for 3-4 minutes. May treat eye area and lips.

8. Apply thin layer of oxygen cream. Leave on 3-5 minutes. Rinse to remove (remove sooner if too stimulating or skip this step if skin is too sensitive).

9. Apply oxygen serum followed by skintrinity serum, eye radiance K'reme, collagen renewal C'reme and daily eclipse SPF30

Home Care Recommendations: oxygen serum, skintrinity serum, collagen renewal C'reme, botana scrub cleanser, d20 Mist, high potenC serum

-Accutane use within one or two years (assessment made by physician)

-Fitzpatrick skin types V-VI (may create hyper-pigmentation)

-Anyone with a herpetic breakout (cold sores)

-Pregnancy or lactation

-Anyone with an infectious disease

-Open sores, suspicious lesions, or basal cell carcinoma (always refer to a physician)

-Do not treat over semi-permanent make-up