dmGlow essential elements

Facial Cup Lymphatic Massage

Therapeutic massage treatment that increases lymphatic flow to detoxifyIncreases blood circulation ~ Helps relieve muscle & fascia tension ~ Reduces puffiness & softens fine lines and wrinkles ~ Increases product absorption ~ Promotes cell repair

dmGlow Essentials

Chemical Exfoliation with mandelic combo peel 30%

Beneficial for everyone especially acneic, pigmented and aging skin ~ Dissolves keratin protein to break apart the bonds between skin cells and exfoliate ~ Encourages new cell formation ~ Great choice for all Fitzpatrick skin types

dmGlow Essentials

HeadingMechanical Exfoliation with MegaPeel

Physically removes dead skin cells ~ Promotes new cell formation ~ Vacuum massage stimulates circulation & collagen production ~ Provides a safe and even exfoliation for all skin types

dmGlow Essentials

Clean & clinical skincare

Effective active ingredients provides nutrients to nourish skin ~ Free of harmful ingredients ~ Helps to reduce inflammation ~ Personalized skincare regimens available with our condition specific products