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Hydra Bright Protocol Kit

Oxygenating & Plumping Facial Treatment


The Hydra Bright™ Facial Protocol Kit maximizes hydration and adds oxygen to plump tissues and brighten appearances. It incorporates D20 Solution, an infusion of botanical extracts blended with deuterium oxide (“heavy water”) for intense moisture. The oxygen cream is a skin brightening cream with multiple actives. Peroxide accelerates vitamin A and glycolic acid which provide water and oxygen at the cellular level. This cream acts as a delivery agent for vitamin serums and creates an immediate skin lifting and visible glow.  The oxygen serum uses orchid stems cells to increase firmness. The serum also provides a super hydrated and oxygenated environment to plump tissue and fill lines and wrinkles.  This combination provides measurable & immediate visible results for almost any skin type.

Rx: Oxygenating & Plumping Facial Treatment, Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV

How To Use:

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Hydra Bright Protocol


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