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Trade In Your Used Microdermabrasion Machine

 Upgrade to a Better Microdermabrasion Machine Today Don’t waste another minute dealing with your old, beat-up, underperforming microdermabrasion machine. Now’s the time to trade in your microdermabrasion machine for a brand new MegaPeel EX® from DermaMed Solutions™. Check out our customer’s MegaPeel® testimonials to see how much they love their machine!

Why You’ll Love the MegaPeel EX

  • Easy to use disposable tips to save you time, requiring no disinfecting or auto-claving
  • HEPA filter cartridge to keep bio-contaminated waste safely contained & easily disposed of
  • Requires no filling of crystal containers
  • The only truly closed microdermabrasion machine
  • Quiet treatments with state-of-the-art sound filters
  • Continuous run-rate motor for years of outstanding performance and reliability
  • Modern style, portable, and lightweight
  • Made and serviced in the USA
  • Warranty included at no additional cost

Established in 1998, MegaPeel Has a Reputation for Excellence


MegaPeel is the Quality Gold Standard Microdermabrasion Machine Used by Top Universities, Physicians, + Spas Across the World

It’s no wonder the U.S. Army, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania, and some of the world’s top spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists count on the MegaPeel® by DermaMed Solutions.

Since our founding in 1998, DermaMed Solutions has earned a reputation for excellence in aesthetic equipment and professional skin care products. By using our aesthetic equipment and complementary offerings, you can help your customers achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin.


Why You’ll Love Partnering With Us

  • We offer a very generous trade-in allowance
  • Flexible financing options, including a rental program
  • Warranty & extended warranty options available
  • FREE Loaner Program
  • Certification and training provided
  • Full turn-key marketing package included
  • Social media, geo marketing, web design, and PR support
  • FREE regional seminars offered throughout the year
  • Professional customer service and technical support 
  • Online education & resource center with training videos, consent forms, facial protocols, online ordering and more

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